Do you need  Visalia Bail Bonds?

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How to Choose Visalia Bail Bonds

When choosing a Visalia bail bonds company it is important to make sure that the company and the bail bondsmen that represent it are fully licensed in the state in which they are operating. So your Visalia bail bond company needs to a licensed California bail bonds  company.


You also want to look for a company that is flexible when it comes to helping you with payment terms. Some bail bonds companies can offer No collateral bail payment terms while others even extend credit.

Visalia Bail Bond Cost.

A bail bond is determined by the actual bond that is set for an accused individual. This is because the amount of bail varies with the severity of the crime and so the bail bonds company will be taking on the risk for higher value bail bonds.

For 2017 the California Bail Bonds schedule sets bail bonds from 20000 to as much as 1 million dollars for the most serious crimes.

Based on this schedule if you are charged with a crime that warrants a 50000 dollar bail and the bail bonds man requires a 10% payment for the bail then you would need to come up with 5000 for the bail in order to have your loved one released.

Most bail bonds companies also require that a guarantor put up some form of collateral in order to ensure that the accused individual does not jump bail and try to escape.

What happens if the Bond agreement is violated?

A common term in the bail bond industry is bail  jumping and it occurs when the accused individual fails to show up for their scheduled court appearance. Many times this is because they have decided to evade the law and go on the run.  Such an action will result in an arrest warrant being issued for the accused and the loss of the Visalia bail bond that their loved one may have put up.

In these situations no one wins and the usual outcome is a lengthy stay in prison.

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