All about Immigration Bail Bonds

What are Immigration bail Bonds?   About Immigration bail bondsAn immigration bail bond is a bond required by the federal government as compared to one required at the local state level. This type of bond is required after you have been imprisoned or detained by the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E). You will be dealing directly with one of 2 federal departments, the Bureau of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) or (DHS) The department of Homeland Security. Because of  the federal nature of an immigration bond it is categorized as a “specialty bond” and the costs accompanying immigration bail bond is often significantly higher than a regular bail bond, often times coming in at 20%  of the bail bond amount. Like all other types of surety the immigration bail bond is essentially just another way to make sure the defendants loved ones see to it that he or she does not try to skip the country. Immigration bonds can only be administered by a licensed firm or individual to ensure that all regulations are followed. Types of immigration bonds If you or a loved one are detained by federal immigration officials there are types of immigration bonds that will be available contingent upon the fact that the detainee is not assessed to be flight risk, threat to public safety or a threat to the security of the nation. The immigration bond which is also called ICE Form I-352 after the number of the form that is filled out. There are four different types of immigration bonds, they are Voluntary departure bonds, Public Safety Bonds, Order of Supervision Bonds and Delivery Bonds.
  1. Delivery bonds– When a delivery immigration bond is issued a detainee receives an arrest warrant and a notice of custody with conditions from I.C.E to be released on a delivery bond. The delivery bond is designed as a safeguard that the detainee shows up to the scheduled immigration court hearings. It provides a way for an accused individual to get legal immigration advice as well as to spend time with their family. The delivery bond is the most common type of immigration bond.
  2. Voluntary departure bond– The Voluntary departure bond is a unique bail bond that has a condition met by the Voluntary Departure of the accused. Depending on the case there are circumstances where a detained individual is given the choice to willingly leave the country at their own expense within a stipulated time frame. The departure bond is fully reimbursable once the accused has left the country but will be lost if the person takes off and fails to leave the country within the given time.
  3. Public Safety Bond-The public safety immigration bond ensures that an alien will not become a Public Charge, basically a bonded individual cannot accept any form of public assistance and if they do take any government assistance while under the public safety bond then the government will be reimbursed.
  4. Order of Supervision Bond(OSUP)- The order of supervision immigration bond requires an alien to report to the authorities as required under the order of supervision.
How much do immigration bonds cost?Immigration bail bond The cost of an immigration bail bond depends on the full bond price that is established by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or by an immigration judge. The bond amount is determined by numerous aspects such as a defendant’s immigration status, their criminal track record, status of employment and whether they have family in the country. If they are assessed to be a high flight risk the amount of their bond will reflect that and a low risk individuals bond will also reflect that. Generally the lower end delivery bonds are about $1,500 while higher bonds can go north of $10,000.