Are you looking for Bail bonds Newark NJ?

Bail bonds Newark NJ are required when you or a loved one are accused of a crime and placed in jail for the aforementioned crime. Unless you are a career criminal or are involved in criminal activities, being arrested and put in jail can be a scary and traumatic experience. Even when you are in this situation the fortunate thing is that the American legal system views you as being  innocent until you are proven guilty by a jury. This typically means that you may be allowed to post bond as set by a judge and can go home for a while until your trial.

This where Bail Bonds Newark NJ will come into play.  The judge will set a bond that corresponds with the severity of the crime, interestingly New Jersey passed a Bail reform law where petty crimes will no longer be required to post bail and this is great for families of accused individuals.

The Bail bond is typically outlined during a legal bail bond hearing. During this proceeding the Judge meets with the Defendant, and the defendants legal representative, the judge listens to the charges as brought forward by the prosecutor and hears arguments for why they should or should not set bail. Sometimes a judge will allow a defendant to be release without any bail being charged. This is know as an own Recognizance’ Release. When a defendant is granted  release on their “own recognizance,” also known as “O.R.,” there is no bail money that is paid to the courts The accused individual is merely allowed to go free by submitting a written promise that they will appear in court  for their hearing when the time comes.

In the event that bail is required the judge will take into consideration the defendants financial well being as well as the severity of the crime. The accused or their family can then get with company that provides Bail bonds in Newark NJ and pay the bond to get them released.

Choosing the Best Bail bonds Newark NJ

Bail Bonds Newark NJ

The things below are what you need to consider when choosing bail Bonds Company:

  1. They need to be registered to  provide bail bonds new jersey.
  2. Are they available at convenient times of the day.
  3. Can they work with you on payment terms for your bond?
  4. Do they have good reviews with other users who have worked with them?