Bail bonds Boise

Idaho has a unique system when it comes to Bonds. Bail Bonds Boise and in all  Idaho are subject to the Idaho Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 13. Bail Bond Schedule. The referenced schedule provides a framework for all bail bonds Bose and throughout Idaho. The Idaho bail schedule shall not however override a judge or magistrates ruling in each individual case.

The bail schedule in Idaho iBail bonds Boise IDs quite lenient as compared to other states and this benefits those individuals accused of a crime. If you are in Boise and are faced with a situation where you need bail

bonds near you  there are several providers you can choose from.

Types of acceptable Bail Bonds Boise

Idaho bail bond requirements allow the use of any one of 4 of the common bail Bonds. A defendant may be asked to produce either cash bond, surety bond, property bond or check/money orders.

A Cash bail bond basically requires cash equal to the bond amount being paid for the defendant to be released until trial.

A Surety bail bond is a submission of a guarantee or assurance, instead of cash, that if an accused. This is where a bail Bonds Boise company, that is registered by the state  of Idaho and authorized to issue bail bonds, will typically provide the bond assurance on behalf of a defendant.

The third form of bail bond payment is either Checks or money orders. A defendant can issue a money order or personal check payable to the clerk of the court with the approval of the judge or the clerk of the court.

Finally Property bail bonds involve using real property in securing the bail bond for an accused individual. This bail bond requires the approval of the magistrate before it can be administered.

Be sure to always use a licensed bail bonds company.