Waco bail bonds are governed by the Texas CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE  which outlines different charges before the Texas criminal courts and the stipulations for Texas Bail Bonds.

When you are faced with having to bail yourself or a loved one out of jsil it is important to have the best information possible to minimize the anount of stress that you will be dealing with at the time.

When are Waco bail bonds issued?

The issuing of bail bonds in Waco is dependant on the severity of the offence. Less minor  offences which typically may be associated with defendants who are less of a threat to the general public may be allowed to get bail while they wait for their court date. In cases where the crime is of a violent nature and the safety of the general public is deemed to be at risk then bail will not issued.

Some cases where bail bonds may not be issued include capital murder, aggravated kidnapping,aggravated burglary and other offences of this nature.

Waco bail bonds in the spotlight

Bail bonds Waco tx

The bail bond system in Waco came under extreme pressure when a shootout took place between members of rival biker gangs. The gangs were led by the Bandidos and Cossacks and they had gathered at Twin Peaks to hash out some differences when a fight broke out and when the smoke had cleared there were multiple fatalities.

In the weeks and months that followed many Waco bail bonds had to be issued as there were hundreds of people who were arrested. The Waco court system as well as the jail system were overwhelmed by the deluge of defendants and it took several months to get bail hearings for many defendants.

Many of the cases from the shooting are still outstanding and open.



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